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What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a cutting method that you can cut all types of metal materials in a cut edge, such as stainless steel, iron, etc., by using CNC machines that have laser optical in order to mass-produce special molds or products. Laser cutting is effective even with very hard materials such as steel.

The basic principle of laser cutting is using G-code patterns at a CNC machine that uses high-pressure laser beams to cut or shape the metal. That's why it is called laser cutting or CNC laser cutting. The technic of laser cutting is possible when electrical current is directed to a beam (to the carbon dioxide) which is called LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). The beam that is stimulated by the electrical current under high pressure and heat is capable of cutting hard materials flawlessly and easily.

Laser Cutting Process

The first thing in laser cutting is generating the laser beam. As we mentioned, it is generated by stimulating electrical resonance inside an enclosed environment (like a closed box). This beam is steered through an optical which is used to cut metals. The maximum material thickness for laser cutting is 0,10 mm. First, the laser beam creates a hole on the surface and continues the cutting process from that hole. This way, the laser cutting process is accomplished.

Where to Use Laser Cutting?

The laser cutting method is very common in various industries. Because it is the best method to produce materials at the desired quality level. It is generally used in;

  • Automotive,
  • Mass production,
  • Commercial,
  • Architectural and steel construction industries,
  • Hobby craftsmanship.

Laser Cutting Methods 

  1. Vaporization Cutting

Vaporizing is used for the materials in which melting is not possible. In this method, the drilling hole technic is applied. It is used generally for wood, thermoset plastics, carbon, and similar indissoluble materials. In this method, the surface is heated up to the boiling point which creates a hole where it is applied. By heating and cooling fastly, the hole is widened. This way laser cutting is accomplished.

  1. Melt and Blow

Melting is also known as strike and fusion cutting. First, the material is heated up to the melting point. Then, the metal material is melted with the help of a kind of high-pressure gas and cut with the blowing method. Melting is used generally for metal and bimetal materials.

  1. Thermal Stress Cracking

Also known as thermal stress fraction, this laser cutting method is generally used for partial heating and thermal expansion. It is generally used for semi-hard materials. The most common type is glass materials.

  1. Stealth Dicing of Silicon Wafers

Silicium type fluidity method is applied by using micro-electric chips. It is a pulsed cutting method proper for materials that is 1064 mm wavelength. It is also known as the YAG laser cutting technique.

  1. Reactive Cutting

Reactive laser cutting is one of the most preferred cutting techniques. It is also known as burning stabilized laser cutting gas or simply flame cutting. This method is similar to oxygen torch cutting. The difference is to use a laser beam for igniting. It is generally used for very strong materials such as carbon steel that is thick over 1 mm. It is very beneficial for cutting very thick metals by using less laser.

Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutting machine is a machine that works with CNC machines and G codes that are used for the production of flawless and high-quality products. Laser cutting machines are used to cut metal, sheet metal, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, wood, and many other materials. These machines have a wide range of use areas in different sectors. It is for sure that laser cutting machines will be in many more areas of our daily lives in the future. It is already commonly used in fields such as automotive, aerospace industry, metal processing, aviation, and hobby craftsmanship. If you need to have a product that has superior edge quality, flawless, and smooth surface, just contact us for a laser cutting machine.

What can you do with Laser Cutting Machine?

Today, laser cutting machines are used in so many places because of their multi-functionality. You can produce for almost every sector. For example, you can use laser cutting machines with stainless steel for mass production. Also, you can produce souvenirs with them. Other than these, you can use laser cutting machines for stamping, logo scraping, and similar works.

Comparison of Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, and Mechanical Cutting 

Laser cutting is a very modern and more successful cutting method when compared to plasma cutting and mechanical cutting. Especially, metal, sheet metal, stainless steel, and aluminum cutting processes are more proper for the laser cutting method. Because laser cutting is a more sensitive method and products become more flawless in the desired size without any errors. On the other hand, plasma cutting and mechanical cutting methods have less cutting quality, more energy consumption, more dust and sound generation. Therefore, laser cutting is more successful when compared to other methods.

In the laser cutting method, the splinter removal process is very simple with the contactless cutting method. Also, laser cutting has a low installation cost and is very easy to clean. One of the most advantageous features of laser cutting is the design flexibility for the materials. These will result in lower production costs and waste. It is possible to make mass production by cutting more than one sample at the same time.

When we consider all these reasons, we highly recommend the laser cutting method.

How much is the Laser Cutting Price?

Laser cutting price is very hard to predict. Because there are many variables such as the type and feature of the material, hardness of cutting, and many others. For more detailed and precise numbers, please contact us.

How to Make Laser Cutting?

The material is placed in the CNC machine and laser cutting is achieved by the inputs that dictate the dimensions.

Laser cutting is a thermal cutting method in which some kind of a strengthened laser beam is used. A high-power laser can create high-quality results for laser cutting. Laser beams are mostly preferred for metal works including industrial applications.

Laser cutting is especially and commonly preferred for metal sheet cutting. Other than this, stainless steel, hard metal, cardboard, wood, and plexy materials are also very proper for laser cutting.

How Does the CNC Machine Work?

CNC machines are used to cut the proper materials according to the inputs about the dimensions. If you want to have a perfect result, you should prefer laser-cutting CNC machines.

What can we do with laser cutting?

  • Brand carving on metal
  • Colored laser cutting application and branding
  • Burr and chip clearing
  • Mechanical and contactless cutting
  • Metal sheet cutting and branding
  • Smooth and high-quality surface
  • Unlimited design capability

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