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About Us


Our company was active only in CNC laser cutting and bending when it was first established in 2014 at a 600 square-foot area in Istanbul Kurtkoy. Because of the increasing customer demands; we initiated press, pressure, mold, powder coating, welding, and machining work divisions into our new 3000 square-foot location at Istanbul Tuzla Industrial Park that we activated in 2017.

We owe our fascinating development to our great engineering services that we provide to our customers. We continue our growth with the help of our young, experienced, and dynamic personnel and high-value customer service with the benefits of cost per unit analysis and fast service understanding.


As Aktif Lazer Metal Processing and Powder Coating Inc. Co., we believe that we add value to our jobs with the help of our experienced personnel, quality understanding, solution-oriented principle, on-time delivery, and price advantage.

We are proud of providing service to many industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, engineering, high-technology, medical, and metal sheet as a partnering company with our production capacity of approximately a million pairs of products in a year.

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To be a leader company in innovation, improve ourselves individually and corporately, provide the latest technological improvements to our customers and employees, own and maintain social values, and be the most preferred company in our industry.


To become a company that can combine the best technology with our experienced manpower, so that we can reach a large mass of people as a prominent, common, and integrated company for the best customer satisfaction.