aktif lazer kalıphane

Molding is one of the most important processes in laser cutting. We can make molding upon laser cutting by sticking to a particular model or drawing the desired sample. According to the work at the laser cutting mold, the material is chosen and used for molding.

What are the Steps of Molding?

  • Designing the mold according to the sample or technical drawing,
  • Choosing the right material for the mold according to what it will be used for,
  • Processing the mold at our machines in our Molding Shop (CNC Vertical Process, CNC Wire Erosion, Manuel Milling Machine ve Lathe),
  • Grinding and arranging the mold parts.

Molding is complicated and hard work that requires great experience. At Aktif Lazer is a laser cutting company, we can design and prepare the right mold solution by ourselves. If you are looking for the right place to find the right solutions, just contact us.

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