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At our press shop division in which we use our press machines, we make cutting, geometrically shaping, and plastering works of the products that come out from the molding shop. Press machines are very fast and low-cost in production. Our 0 (Zero) mistake principled press machines are capable of making fast production with fewer costs.

The pre-produced molds are cut, twisted, pulled, or plastered in our press shop with two different methods; eccentric press and hydraulic press.

There are two different parts (one up and one down) at press machines. These parts are named male and female. The material is placed on the mold which is located down and pressed with a high force from the upper part in order to make the desired shape. This is also known as the press brake method.

The force of the press is defined with the ton. Here is the production amount that we had over the years.

Increase at our Press Production Over the Years

Black Sheet1300 Ton1500 Ton1800 Ton2000 Ton
Aluminum5 Ton6 Ton10 Ton11 Ton

The production volume of our press machines is increasing every year. Also, customer satisfaction with our machine is very high. Press machines within our company are;

  • C Type Eccentric Press ( 30 – 175 Ton)
  • H Type Eccentric Press ( 200 Ton )
  • Hydraulic Press ( 250 Ton)

We do cutting and planting works with H Type and eccentric press machines that we have. We have the capacity of 200 tons H Type and 30 to 175 tons of eccentric press.

We aim to provide our customers the best service with our eccentric, hydraulic, and press brake machines. We transform the molds that we manufacture into the shape that our customers desired with our press machines.

At our sheet forming sector, we provide sheet metals with different dimensions by using from 30 tons to 250 tons of hydraulic and mechanic press machines.

We also make special manufacturing other than mass production according to our customers' demands at our press shop track.

After the pressing, the next step of a product is electrostatic powder coating.

What is Press?

In a simple explanation, metal sheet pressing (or production) is a process that a metal sheet is burned, cut, or welded. The main aim is to shape a metal sheet while it doesn't lose any strength from its original standing.

It is a production process that transforming straight metal sheets into the desired shape. Some of the methods are cutting, drilling, bending, and some other methods.

Metal sheet manufacturers are able to achieve so many things; from locomotives to laboratory materials by bending metal sheet or transforming into a pipe shape. According to the tools and experience level, manufacturers are able to design and produce a very wide range of goods.

Metal sheet press application is a solution to fast, cost-effective mass production needs. Manufacturers who need metal pressing for a project generally look for three important features;

  • Top-quality & durability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Fast & perfect production

What are the Aims of Pressing?

Pressing is placing a rolled or straight metal sheet into a pressing machine. A designed tool and mold transform the sheet into the desired shape. Pressing techniques to shape metal sheets are drilling, cutting, bending, and pressing.

Before the pressing process, stamping professionals should make the design with CAD / CAM engineering. These designs should be sensitive enough to protect the ultimate pair quality and proper space. One single 3D model can include hundreds of parts, so the design process is generally very complicated and time-consuming.

After the designing process, a manufacturer can complete the job with different methods; such as processing, sanding, wire EDM, and others.

Aletin tasarımı oluşturulduktan sonra, bir üretici, üretimini tamamlamak için çeşitli işleme, taşlama, tel EDM ve diğer üretim hizmetlerini kullanabilir.

Special Production Metal Sheet Press

Special production metal sheet press is the combination of special tools and techniques to manufacture a special product that a customer needs. Many different sectors and applications require special production methods to fulfill their high-volume product needs and every single part to provide the desired features.

What is Hydraulic Press?

The hydraulic press is a press type that works with hydraulic pressure. A metal sheet is shaped by the force of hydraulic fluid pressure. It is possible to make shaping, molding and forming with the help of a hydraulic press. It is a more effective method when compared to the mechanical press. It is generally preferred at loads more than 50 tons.

What is a Hydraulic  Press used for?

  • Sink,
  • Tube,
  • Pot,
  • Tray,
  • Car door,
  • Antenna,
  • Heater core,
  • Plywood.

And similar so many materials.

Why Choose Hydraulic Press?

The hydraulic press applies a stable force to the material which provides a minimum level of production flaw. It is also possible to work with smaller engines by adjusting the production speed.

How to make Hydraulic Press?

There are electrical motor-powered pumps at hydraulic press machines. These pumps send hydraulic fluid to the system, press machine, and directional valves. Hydraulic press machine which works with pressure can be initiated automatically or gradually. The gradual hydraulic press should be initiated manually. You can do this by pressing the buttons. But at automatic press machines, pressing is achieved with the help of a pedal.

Hydraulic Press Cost

Hydraulic press prices change according to the product shape and type. You can make a strike, tearing, drilling, pulling, and metal shaping works with the hydraulic press. All of these have different pricing. So you should contact us for more information about hydraulic press prices.

What is Eccentric Press?

Eccentric press principle relies on running electrical motor. They are enclosed bodied press machines. Their bodies are generally produced from steel. For high tonnages, C Type and H Type bodies are preferred.

Eccentric Press Cost

Eccentric press prices change according to C Type and H Type press machines. For more detailed information, you should just contact us.

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