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The laser cutting works are followed by a welding process to finalize the project if needed. There are different methods of welding. Some are executed with portable welding machines, while some others can only be held at the production site.

Welding is a process that is used to merge more than two different materials with the effect of heat and high pressure. It is a very widely used process. It is possible to weld different materials such as metal or steel. There is no need for the products to be the same material or at the same dimensions. Different materials can be merged with welding.

The important issue is that the materials should have close melting points. Because welding is a melting process and these melting points should be close to each other to merge them completely.

Welding Company

As Aktif Lazer, we are one of the best welding companies in Europe. We are using different welding methods to give the best shape to sheets. Arc welding, TIG welding, and MIG welding are our most used welding methods. To learn about welding costs just contact us.

If you have projects that require laser cut and welding processes, you can just contact us, Aktig Lazer Company, to reach the best service.

What are the Different Welding Methods?

Welding, in a general definition, is the process of attaching metal and thermoplastic materials to each other by melting. There are many different types of welding according to the material. Welding is a process that is generally used in the manufacturing industry. It is the most preferred combining method, especially after laser cutting application.

The most important reason for different welding types is the melting points of the materials. Different materials have different melting points, so they require different methods. Now we will give information about the types of welding we use in the manufacturing industry.

As Aktif Lazer Company, we have three different welding methods in our company; Inert-gas Welding, Argon-arc Welding, and Spot Welding.

  1. Inert-gas Welding

This is one of the most common welding methods. It is called inert gas because the environment that the welding process is held should be protected from outer effects by using some kinds of gases. There are two sub-methods for inert-gas welding; MIG( Metal Inert Gas) ve MAG(Metal Active Gas)

MIG( Metal Inert Gas): It is a welding method using inert gases (Helium and Argon). It is not preferred in steel applications.

MAG(Metal Active Gas): It is a welding method using CO2 and mixed gases. It is used in the welding processes of steel and alloy materials.

  1. Argon-arc Welding

It is also known as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) method. It is used for metals that have high melting points. That means it is generally used for very hard metals, such as steel, chrome, or nickel. It is a quick and fast method to use.

Argon gas is used during the TIG welding and this gas behaves like a protector to prevent the material to react. It can easily be used for stainless steel, aluminum, and nickel alloy materials. We recommend the argon-arc welding method to provide high-quality projects.

  1. Spot Welding

It is the process of connecting two metals together without the need for a filler material (such as a solder or welding rod). There is no deformation in spot welding and it is a perfect welding technique.

Compared to other welding works, this method seems easier and faster in production. It doesn't require any extra material during the welding process and can be used by directly melting the metal. After the metal is heated and melted, the spot welding process is applied directly. It is quite easy to join two parts together in 3-4 seconds with this method. It is frequently used for welding iron products to each other.

Where to Use Welding?

Welding is a very old and widely used method all around the world. Nearly every industry is subject to welding. For example, the structure that you are in right now had been constructed by welding the steel materials.

Other than these, it is used in;

  • The construction of giant skyscrapers,
  • Stadium constructions,
  • Playground constructions,
  • Ship constructions,
  • Airport constructions,
  • Bench manufacturing,
  • Metal fence panel constructions
  • And many more.

So we can easily conclude that wherever we think about, there are many things that have been welded to each other.

What are the Advantages of Welding?

  • Welding is a very successful combining method.
  • The materials that have been produced with this method are very durable and strong.
  • It is a trustworthy process.
  • It is a very fast process. (Big materials can be welded without any other process)
  • The surface of the welded materials is very smooth and flawless.
  • It is very easy to detect and fix errors.
  • It is impossible to dismantle, so the final product is very strong.

 How to do Welding?

The process of joining metal by heating and melting is called welding. Electric current is the main power supply of this process. In this way, two metal parts can be joined together successfully. It is compulsory to take the required safety precautions during welding. For example, a welding mask, heavy welding gloves, leather apron, and protective glasses should definitely be used. Also, it is important to ventilate the welding environment.

Before the process, the rusty surface of the metal, if any, should be cleaned. You can do this with sandpaper. When starting the process, an angle of 20 degrees should be created between the metal you will weld and the surface. After the welding machine starts, sparks will appear, so protective equipment should be used carefully. The welding process can be completed by drawing small circles on the metal floor.

How to Use Welding Goggles? 

Welding goggles should be put on before the welding process. Make sure that the welding goggles, which are generally made of plastic, fit well to your face. Welding goggles will protect your eyes from the sparks that will occur during the welding process.

How to Use Welding Mask?

Like welding goggles, a welding mask should be used before and during the whole welding process and it will protect your entire face from sparks. There are some issues to choose the right welding mask. The masks with auto-darkening filters are very efficient during the welding. Lens transition speed is very important at this stage. If the lens transition speed is #3 or #4 degrees, lens shading will occur quickly. This makes it easy to focus and work.

What are the Differences Between Inert-Gas and Inverter Welding Machines?

The inert-gas arc welding machine is a method that is used with the help of a wire. During the process, the wire melts to form the welding metal. The most important advantage of this method is that if the environment is isolated from the air, the machine won't get affected by the ambient conditions. MIG Welding, TIG welding – Argon Welding and MAG welding are examples of gas arc welding.

The inverter welding machine works with a high-frequency current. Its biggest advantage is low power consumption, compactness, and low weight and size. Welding quality is very high. But, the cost is a little bit expensive than the others.

What is Good for the Eyes that Effected from Welding?

Natural methods are advised for these kinds of situations.

  • 1 spoon of yogurt will be applied to the eyes (After half an hour, it should be washed).
  • You can place potatoes on your eyes in order to diminish the pain.
  • Teabag is very beneficial to the welded eye. Because it includes anti-oxidane.

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